The Dick Company presents our pack and play models; your favourite packer models now standing at attention. 


You’ve got your smaller dicks, then you got your bigger dicks. This is a medium dick. So medium it can talk to ghosts. That’s a good thing because as a pack and play, you’ll want to see heaven. With a pleasure sleeve moulded into one end and an exquisite shaft on another, it’s bound to be mutually satisfying for you and her. Him. Them. Whoever, just get consent. 


The 5 1/2 inches cut model is sculpted to exquisite detail and bought to life by multiple layers of 100% platinum silicone. Our formula consists of multiple silicone pours in each prosthetic. More work for us, but that means on your part, your new prosthetic could be customised to your heart’s desire. Chose from a wide array of inserts. We’ve got plenty. 


There’s an aluminium rod option, encased with silicone of your choice of firmness. Easy to hit those pleasure spots and keep it angled at those spots. 


Or TSA checks have got you worried? No issues, opt for no metal at all and choose a firm or firmer fill. Equal penetrative ability, with none of the airport worry. Now pat downs are only slightly uncomfortable.


We’ve done away with the plastic flex rod because we’re trying to make love not a symphony. The only thing creaking should be the bed. Sorry if that's your thing. 

5 1/2 Inches Cut | Pack & Play | John Smith

$150.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
    • 5 1/2 Inches from Tip to Base
    • 3D scrotum with movable testicles
    • Enforced tab for easy adherence
    • Made from 100% platinum silicone
    • Multiple layered silicone for the closest skin feel
    • Moulded-in pleasure sleeve
    • Aluminium option allows for malleability 
    • 100% firm core option allows for penetration without metal detection
    • Tested on humans, not animals