Affordable. Functional. Extremely Durable.


The Single-Pour series is an ode to the ones who need it most, designed for everyday use. Made with the the same quality silicone, but without the added pours.


By eliminating multiple pours, and different softness silicone, we cut down on the labor needed to produce your prosthetic and material cost. This translates to you, a prosthetic that is as affordable as you can get it, never sacrificing functionality with added durability.


Durability? Now because it is a single-softness silicone, tears are a thing of a past. Split lines, nada. This is a prosthetic you can grow old with.



*The silicone used to produce the single-pour prosthetic is as soft as it can get without tackiness. Think gummy bears.


*Only available for the 2 1/2 inches (cut, uncut), 3 inches, STP models

3 Inches Uncut | Single-Pour | John Smith Packer