The Dick Company presents the Little Fella: petite but never inadequate. This one is not particularly religious, so he kept his skin on.


Designed for the smaller gentlemen or for those who doesn’t need to prove anything, it naturally hangs snugly for smaller frames. This handcrafted piece has been sculpted to exquisite detail, bought to life by three layers of skin made of 100% platinum silicone.


But that’s not all, here at the Dick Company, the pocket of our cargo shorts is always filled with receipts and gum wrappers so carrying is such a hassle. We’ve done away with redundancy and molded a pleasure sleeve right into every packer, so there is just one less thing to pack for your vacation at home. 


Afterall, the end of the world shouldn’t be the only thing coming in 2020.

2 Inches Uncut | John Smith Packer

    • 2 inches from tip to base
    • 3D scrotum with movable testicles
    • Enforced tab for easy adherence
    • Made from 100% platinum silicone
    • Multiple layered silicone for the closest skin feel
    • Moulded-in, complimentary pleasure sleeve
    • Tested on humans, not animals