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STORY(Me, Myself & I)


Han​ is a full-time medical student, part-time prosthesis enthusiast and 100% committed to bringing the best prostheses to the community. He's the one and only dude behind the scenes. He works out of a room with some plants for company and maintains a solid relationship with Harrison's because it's the only relationship that's okay when put on "read". If you're interested in looking at his sculpts which are way better than his handwriting, check out his Instagram page @therealdickcompany.






You know that feeling you get when you left your earphones at home on a 16 hour plane ride? Now multiply that feeling by a million and it starts to feel a little like bottom dysphoria for a majority of us. It's worse because you didn't forget it and it's not at home. You just don't have it. 

Rewind to the time I was in high school, I got my first girlfriend. She was beautiful and smart and kind and totally way out of my league. I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world.  I didn't know a year into the relationship I'd feel the worst dysphoria I've ever felt, and as low as I'd ever go. Intimacy lead to a potent cocktail of emotions that teenager me didn't know how to handle. With a lot of patience and love and compassion on top of pooling my meagre savings, we dealt with it. But that emotion, that feeling of inadequacy and fear, abject embarrassment and helplessness. That feeling stuck with me ever since. 

When I started college, I knew I wanted to find techniques for surgery that could really push us further from what we currently have. But until then, I needed a suitable replacement...something until we developed a good enough biological alternative. So I started experimenting with different materials of silicone and different techniques. I didn't come from any special effects background or had any formal training of any kind, so it was pretty much self-taught, touch-and-go. That was and still is a steep learning curve. 


But I always knew that the kind of prosthetics I'd make would be the kind of prosthetics I’d need and I'd like to have. 


Every guys' dream is a prosthetic that fits them like a glove, with all the biological functions of the real one, the aesthetic of a Greek God and none of the limitations. That was the standard I held myself up to before I could even think of releasing anything to the public. And the idea of that has spurred me to cancel, to throw away projects after project after project, discard sculpt after sculpt after sculpt…Because they were always good, just not good enough for the ideal I envision my final prosthetic would be. I was in constant revision.

It wasn't until I realised that it really wasn't about perfection. For all that I remembered, younger me wanted to be born a normal boy with a normal penis. Failing that, I just wanted a good prosthetic that didn't cost an arm and a leg. That looked good. That felt good. That didn't break the bank. 

There should be something here for everybody and anybody that needs a prosthetic. From all works of life. No exception. It started because of a feeling; a feeling no one should have to feel. And so this is for anyone who has ever felt the same.



P.S. If you did purchase a prosthetic from the Dick Company, thank-you so much. It means a lot that you're trusting me with your package.

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